Half Full Press is devoted to bringing unique books that explore special subjects in-depth to the attention of the public. As an independent company, we publish books we consider to be hidden gems.

Among the books published by Half Full Press are those showcasing the work of Ron Morgan, the most sought-after and well-recognized floral designer in the United States. His books — The Center of Attention, In the Company of Flowers, A Celebration of Clematis and A Glass Act — inspire amateur and seasoned artists alike; through his imaginative use of flowers, fruits, vegetables and unusual items, Ron truly transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Additionally, Half Full Press has traditionally showcased the work of lesser-known artists and authors. Two examples of such works are The Time of My Life by Cherie Sutton Pettit and Venice: The Enlightened Traveler's Historical Guide by John W. Higson, Jr. The Time of My Life chronicles Pettit's pre-World-War-II travels through Europe by way of captivating narrative and elaborate watercolor illustrations. Higson's Venice fleshes out the dramatic saga of a Mediterranean kingdom.

Half Full Press was launched in 2000 as an imprint of Source Book Publications, publisher of six annual trade publications and over fifteen websites on franchising. Source Book Publications has eighteen years of experience in the general publishing industry and over six years of publishing fine art and specialty books. Source Book Publications / Half Full Press is located in Oakland, California.

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