Emerging American Artists Program Brochure

Welcome to, a site dedicated to the promotion of talented artists who are anxious to bring their work to national attention.

It's hardly a secret that there are multitudes of talented artists throughout America waiting to be discovered. The transition is unquestionably both time-consuming and, for the most part, expensive.

Thanks to the Emerging American Artists program, however, undiscovered artists can now utilize a forum that promotes their talents and works while concurrently providing them with a high-quality book that showcases their skills and workmanship. Instead of relying on exposure generated through word-of-mouth or repeatedly renting space for small-scale exhibits, an artist can gain mass recognition relatively quickly by providing a complimentary book to prospective clients and through book sales and website exposure. The fact that an artist can provide potential buyers or critics with a book of his or her work is an incredibly persuasive selling tool. Participating in the EAA program saves emerging artists time and effort and, hopefully, will result in near-term sales that more than cover the modest cost of the investment.

First and foremost, participation in the Emerging American Artists program affords the artist with almost instant credibility. When studying the artist's work, people will undoubtedly take into account that the author is published, and assume that the artist's work must therefore be of considerable value. This may very well translate into a significant number of art sales and, moreover, increased average price per sale.

For the modest investment of $6,400, an artist will receive 500 copies of a 4-color, hardcover
, 10" x 10", 32-page book with a jacket, as well as have his or her portfolio available online at There is no cost the first year for updates to one's online portfolio. Alternatively, 500 copies of a 48-page, hardcover book with a jacket is only $7,000. (For a more detailed pricing list, please go here.)

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